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User Accounts

How do you register for a user account?

You may register for a user account for a new organization or join an existing organization. The link to register for an either account will be send to you by the parent Organization Administrator. In this system instance:

What is an Organization Administrator?

A Organization Administrator is a user designated by the organization to control the access and capabilities of other users. System Administrators with full authority can add and delete users, grant system administration status to other users, issue new passwords, establish user entitlements to accounts and menu options, and customize the organization settings.

Can an organization have more than one Administrator?

Yes. An Organization can have multiple Administrators.


How do you define an organization?

An organization could be as simple as a small group of people or a business team interested in the same thing or it could be a large business, government, or non government organization with hierarchical sub organizations and departments. An organization could be either public or private. Public organizations profile is accessible to users for viewing.

What is an Organization Public Profile?

The organization profile is a web page that includes published data by the organization administrators and other designated users such as contact information and other published web pages, defined on-line objects and related services.

What is an Online Object?

A online object is any group of information that the organization would like to provide for other users to access and act on. Examples include the organization products, services, events, projects, applications, web sites, jobs, etc. It all depends on the organization business domain. The organization administrators have the ability to define what is public.

What are Defined Objects?

Online objects have the following basic information:

  • Identification - provide unique identification for storage and access in the system.
  • Name or Title - a brief title for display.
  • Code - a code for searching.
  • Description - a brief description.
  • Image - a display image.

In addition, the objects have other properties and related objects defined by the object class.

What is an Object Class?

The Class is a template for the object defining its properties, relationships and event notifications. Examples:

Class Properties Relationships
Organization Subscription Date, Paid User Accounts, Administrator
User Account Avatar Organization, Account Type, Permissions, Assigned Objects
Person First Name, Last Name, Birth Date Father, Mother, etc.
Project Start Date, End Date Tasks, Client
Task Percentage Done, Completed Date Project
Event Start Date, End Date Event Attendees, Location
Event Attendee Registration Date, Special Requests Event, Event Evaluation
Service Cost Service Appointments, Asset
Appointment Date, Time Service
Reservation From Date, To Date Asset
Product Price, Discount, etc. Product Order Item, Inventory
Product Price Product Order Item

What is the difference between a class and an object?

Classes define the object properties and relationships. An object is a instance of a class.

What are the object image formats supported?

All image formats are supported. We recommend image file sizes less than 200 kilo bytes for optimal image storage and transmissions with a minimum size of 320 pixels wide and 240 pixels height.

Objects and User Interactions

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