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Below is a list of references used in the development of this open and reconfigurable system.

Test Projects / 3rd Party Libs / Credits / Acknowledgment

Below is a list of test projects for the purpose of learning. Without theses technologies our work would not have been possible. Thanks to all the dreamers and doers out there!

Features & Use Cases

Features and Use Cases

Below is a list of functions supported by the system

  • User and Client Organization Registration
  • Client Organization Profile Management -
    • Basic Profile: Name, Description, URL
    • Addresses: Primary, Shipping, Billing, etc...
    • Subscription - Start Date, End Date, Maximum number of objects and users
    • Setup Info - Sub-domain under or own URL
    • Setup Info - Servers, Databases, Applications, etc.
    • Manage Organization Files, Messages and Web Pages
  • User Profile Management
    • Recover user account - Forgot user id or password
    • Addresses: Primary, Shipping, Billing, etc..
    • Manage Personal Files, Messages, Web Pages
    • Manage Assigned Classes and Objects
  • Client Organization Classes Management
    • Setup Built-in classes
    • Classes Responsibilities Collaboration (CRC) Cards View
    • Inheritance / Hierarchical View
    • UML - Class Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, etc.
    • Manage Class Properties
    • Manage Class Attributes
    • Manage Class Collaborations/Associations
    • Manage Class Events
    • Import Objects - Microsoft Excel File
    • Export Objects - Microsoft Excel File
  • Objects Management
    • Create by class id
    • Create by type name
    • Basic info (name, code, description)
    • Manage basic info (name, code, description)
    • Active, Public, and Admin Status
    • Image
    • Properties and Attributes
    • Files
    • Messages
    • Web Pages
    • Location
    • Change Notifications
  • Apps and Services Management
  • Messaging and Push Notifications Support
  • User, Client, Class, App and Objects Web API
  • User Email, Fax, and SMS Notifications
  • Applications Integration Support
    • CMS: Wordpress, Shrepoint, Umbraco, etc.
    • ERP/CRM: Odoo, Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.
    • eCommerce
  • Devices integration Support
    • Cameras: WebCAM, IP based
    • Biometrics: Fingerprint, Face, etc..
    • RFID: HID Global
    • Micro-controllers: TI, Expressif, Raspberry, Arduino, etc.
  • System Admin and Setup functions
  • URI Solutions Support
    • Contact Us Messages
    • Service Appointments
    • Asset Bookings and Reservations
    • Program Events Registrations
    • Object Properties and Location Tracking
  • Kharbga Game support