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Welcome to My Online Objects Management System (OMS)!

Thank you for your interest in exploring this system use cases and capabilities!

Define Anything, Manage and Keep Track of Everything

Collaborate with your Team Members on Applications Design and Objects Management

Design Your Business Domain Models and Develop Your

Include in your Web Sites and Mobile Applications

Share with Your Team, Customers and Clients

Keep Track of Everything Important to your Team - Stay Informed and Connected with Your Team and Customers

Do you have data about different things stored in spreadsheets, files on different computers, or different databases, but think it could be managed better?

Or maybe you think you need a better way to derive valuable information from this data, be able to make more informed decisions or share insights with your team and clients?

You need a solution that is easy to setup quickly with your data and team ready and working online in a private and secure environment without needing to know technologies such as SQL, Python, JavaScript, C, etc.?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this system may be of a use to you!

We would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in learning about our Objects Management System (OMS).

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This system enables you and your team to define, collect, manage, process, share, and keep track of information about important business objects such as your organization services, products, projects, tasks with your employees and suppliers to facilitate your mission critical endeavors with your customers and clients. Key Features:

  • Simplified business process, data and objects modeling techniques - Easy to use design and documentation tools

  • Collaborative objects and services design and management - Analysts, developers and end users can use the same environment

  • Facilitate business process automation and systems and devices integration efforts - Integrated tools to import/export and send/receive data from different systems and devices

  • Build on Web, mobile, IoT, smart and secure technologies - Use the built-in applications or build your own using the system APIs

  • Intelligent reports and actionable event notifications - Customizable and built in reports, email, fax, SMS, and push notifications

This system is developed and operated by N@URI Solutions


N@URI Solutions specializes in the design, development, and support of enterprise systems supporting the business operation, management, and the decision support functions. We have experience working with clients in various industries including education, health-care, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and high-tech.

Sample Client Applications

Below is a list of sample client applications:

  • Assets & Resources Management - objects identification using smart technologies, location tracking, usage, production, and other properties tracking and monitoring
  • Events Management - meetings, venues, invitations, registrations, etc.
  • Learning & Content Management - programs, registrations, presentations, tests, surveys, certificates, etc.
  • Customers Interactions Management - messages, posts, contacts, services, appointments, bookings, reservations, products, orders, etc.

Custom Enterprise Applications

This system provides the following components supporting enterprise applications development and management.

  • Business and Data Modeling - use cases, actors, classes, responsibilities, collaborations, properties, events, notifications, etc.
  • Applications Management - requirements, use cases, user stories, actors, roles and permissions, tasks, issues, systems, databases, components, etc.
  • Objects Management - id, name, code, description, properties, associations, files, versions, etc.
  • User Objects Interactions Management - contacts, appointments, bookings, reservations, orders, registrations, status, location, usage tracking, production monitoring, and other defined properties and associations updates and events notifications

Systems and Devices Integration

Below is a list of various technologies we work with:

  • Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Programming Languages - C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python
  • Web Technologies - HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.Net, Node.JS, HTTP, TCPI/IP, etc.
  • Databases - RDBMS, NoSQL, In Memory, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • Cloud Services - Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, etc.
  • Smart Technologies - RFID, Biometrics, Video and Image Processing, OCR, MCUs, FPGA


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  • Shared Hosting
  • Shared/Optional Private* Database
  • Shared Domain
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Up to 100K objects
  • Up to 50GB of blob storage

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  • Private Hosting
  • Private Database - Up to 2GB
  • Custom Domain
  • Up to 100 team members
  • Up to 1 Million objects
  • Unlimited blob storage

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  • Private cloud or on-premise hosting*
  • Private cloud or on-premise database*
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  • Unlimited blob storage

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*: Additional cost for private cloud database or compute hosting (depends on vendor)

About Us

Nouri Solutions is a systems engineering company based in Alameda, San Francisco Bay Area, California, specializing in the design, development, hosting and support of enterprise applications. We apply proven information, communication, and electronics technologies to develop solutions supporting our clients businesses and organizations.


Develop and apply proven technologies and processes to facilitate communication, improve productivity, save costs, use resources efficiently, and collaborate effectively with team members, customers and partners.

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