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Before registering for an account, please ensure that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms listed below:

  • Rights For an Account - Everyone is welcome to register for an account to use for their organization's requirements. Once you have the main account for your association, company, or company department's team, you will be able to setup and manage other accounts for your team members.
  • Information Ownership - All information in this system is owned by the account who created it. The person owning the account has the right to update and delete this information as the they see fit for their personal or organization requirements. The system administrator or the hosting company are not responsible for the content listed in the web site.
  • Account Agreement - Your responsibilities:
    1. I will only upload information or content which I am legally authorized to access and distribute.
    2. I will use this system to access the information I am authorized to view or update.
    3. I will NOT use profanity or pornographic material in my communications or content publishing.
    4. I will not use this system to abuse other users or break any laws in any country.
    5. I will create only one account to use and I will not be sharing it with other people.
  • Our Commitment - Your Rights:
    1. We will provide you access to your information and requested services meeting your organization requirements as agreed in these terms.
    2. We will not share your information with anyone outside of our organization.
    3. The services in this web site are subject to changes by us at any time. We will inform you about these changes as needed by email or in the web site home page or blog.